The Office Hours series

Extra Credit

Two years ago, he was a one-night stand.

Now he’s my professorand he hates me.

When I dragged Gideon Warwick into a bar cloakroom, I never thought I’d see him again. I figured we’d have fun. Blow off some steam. Then move on with our lives, with nothing but memories.

Yeah. Turns out I’m a grade A fool.

Because I do see Gideon again—at the front of a lecture hall.

This time, he’s not smiling. This time, he glares. This time, he wants me out of his sight.

Well, too bad for him, because I need these credits. My future is on the line.

The professor is gonna have to play nice.

Bonus Study

She’s the best thing I’ve ever seen. A walking miracle.

The only catch? She’s my student.

I cut my best friend off for dating his student, but the truth is I’m no better. Keeley has been in my class for years, and I’ve been in love with her just as long.

I won’t go there. I’m no monster. I will never cross that line.

But it kills me to see the other students laugh at her. They don’t see her talent, her beauty, the way I do. Bunch of fools. And when Keeley’s class partner bails on her, she’s left high and dry.

So I’ll fill in. I can do this. I can keep things innocent.

Even when it means spending long nights on campus with her alone.

After Class

Everything in my life is an experiment. Something to study.

Even this—my attraction to the psychology professor.

I’ve never had a crush before. Never wanted a man so badly my stomach aches. But here I am at 22, with long-dormant parts of me coming alive.

The professor is dry. Distant. Difficult to read. And though we move in the same circles, he still keeps me at arm’s length. 

That won’t do. Not when I have all these new sensations, new desires to study in myself.

He’s always saying we should seek knowledge.

Well, I’m about to know him.

© Kayla Wren 2021